Boilers come with two efficiency ranges  standard and high efficiency
the standard  range has been installed in most houses as the high efficiency condensing range has only been available for a few years .
Due to  a recent change in legislation  all new and replacement boilers have to be in band "A" and in the sedbuck range of 90% and above and be of the condensing type.
A condensing boiler will be in band "A" with a sedbuck range of 90% and above with some models reaching up to 97%
this type of boiler will use a lot less oil than an older standard boiler in range "D" 82 % - 78 % or below , making large savings for the householder.

A boiler has a lifespan of around 15 years, the older a boiler gets the less efficient it becomes. But with regular servicing the efficiency can be optimised adding a few years onto the life of the boiler.
A badly maintained 8 - 10 year boiler may need replaced.

The different models of boiler are ;

Kitchen and utility boilers.
These boilers are designed to fit into most kitchen and utility applications they come in a stylish case and are pleasing to the eye .

Boiler house model
These boilers are designed for a boiler house or a garage application
they don't have the stylish case of the kitchen /utility model therefore lowering the price and making them a popular choice.

Outdoor boiler range
These boilers will come in a protective galvanized or powdered coated case with added insulation to protect the boiler from the elements.
They are a popular choice when space is limited inside the house and can be easily sited.

Combi boiler
These boilers are also a popular choice, they will be a boiler from the above range but it will be factory fitted with all pumps and vessels
and will just need  connected to the mains  water supply.
it differs from a normal boiler as it does not heat water to be stored in a storage cylinder.
it only heats water as it is needed this makes it a good choice for a small house with out a large demand for hot water.

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